Friday, November 12, 2010


It is said “If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English, thank a Veteran.” My Father served under General George Patton during World War ll and although he died when I was young, I grew up knowing that he saved me from a life without freedom and that he would have given his life to make it so.

Realtors interact with many Veterans as they prepare to downsize from homes that no longer meet their needs. They have raised their families. They have done their best. It never ceases to amaze me just how grounded and humble they are about their sacrifices that they rarely discuss. I can never begin to imagine what they have seen, heard, felt and smelled throughout history so that I can write about them as I choose.

These are the Services of our Armed Forces and they are the most powerful and righteous warriors in the history of mankind. They stand on the wall in the dark so that we may sleep in peace at night.

1. The United States National Guard, born in Jamestown 12/13/1607, formerly known as the “Militia”, they are our country’s oldest fighting force with roots to the Patriots who shaped our way of life. The Army National Guard has participated in every war and conflict the US has ever fought from skirmishes to World Wars. In more recent times, the Guard protects our country from natural disasters and plays a major role in the war on drugs that threatens our very fabric from within.

2. The United States Army, born 6/14/1771 also with roots to the Patriots, the US Army is unstoppable and continues to remind any foe of our country that the price to pay for threatening our way of life is, historically, the loss of theirs.

3. The United States Navy, born 10/13/1775. Above and below the oceans of the world, the USN keeps enemies from our shores by bringing unimaginable warfare to theirs. They are positioned all over the world and they remain ready to turn on a dime to quell any threat to our country.

4. The United States Marine Corps born 11/10/1775, a department of the US Navy, is known throughout the world as the instant and terrifying response to any threat to our country. Specially trained to quickly deploy and conquer enemy territory until the Army arrives, the US Marines are often both the first and the last American warriors an enemy will see coming over the wall at them.

5. The United States Coast Guard born 8/4/1790. The USCG has the duty of protecting our shores and they do so both inside and outside of our borders. They are also deployed throughout the world as our “police department” at sea and are heavily involved in the war on drugs. As with the United States Marine Corps, the President can deploy them instantly. USCG’s Medal of Honor recipient Douglas A. Munro’s last words were “Did they get off?” after evacuating pinned down Marines at Guadalcanal.

6. The United States Air Force born 9/18/1947 was formerly known as the US Army Air Corps. The USAF like the US Navy projects its military power all over the world. When our ground troops call in for “air support” the clouds open up and terror rains down upon those who have taken up arms against our country.

While there has been so much press and pressure about the condition of our housing market and our economy in the recent years, there has never been a time in our country when Americans failed to find the balance.

The election of 11/2/2010 can be viewed not so much within the context of any particular party, but rather as the collective voice of Americans who continue to rise up against any threat to our way of life whether it is from within our borders or from outside of our borders. We rise up in submarines, PT boats, aircraft carriers, Sherman tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, Higgins landing crafts, parachutes, horseback, boots on the ground, scuba gear…………or in the election booths.

There are certain words that can never be said enough and they can never be said enough to certain Americans. Thank you, dearest Veterans, and Happy Thanksgiving.