Thursday, October 14, 2010


It was almost impossible to get enough of the coverage of the rescue of the thirty-three Chilean miners as this miracle of life was unfolding before our eyes. The whole world became fluent in the language of gratitude, love and joy as we watched each condemned man fall into the embrace of his family and friends who had waited breathlessly two thousand feet above hell.
As I listened to one commentator after another, it came as no surprise that once again our wonderful country had come to the aid of another with our advanced technology, amazing resources and our unparalleled sense of duty to humanity.
On a day that yet another bank’s delay had caused several lawyers, realtors, sellers and buyers to sit for hours at the Registry of Deeds while movers with trucks full of furniture sat outside homes they could not yet enter, the mood was unusually gay and conversation was uplifting as the hours passed. Though thousands of miles away, joyous events can have a contagious affect on all of us. Positive experiences make us feel good.
It is natural to feel good around the positive and feel bad around the negative. It is so simple a concept that I expect more folks would change the way they look at themselves and our world if they adopted a positive outlook on life. There are increasing numbers of books, seminars and “schools” of thought that espouse the belief that one’s positive thoughts and deeds attract more of the same. Conversely, the opposite is just as true.
Someone you know sees the clouds forming and says “Oh no. No one will come to my open house in the rain.” Someone else you know sees the same clouds and says “Oh boy! Everyone will see that my roof and basement remain dry!” Some one you know has a home on the market and says “It will probably never sell in this market.” Someone else you know has a home on the market and says “I’d better start packing now.”
Someone reading this article has a job she does not love with co-workers who do not appreciate her. It is not possible to hide the negative feelings that always project outwardly and scream “Misery is my co-pilot.” That person would have nothing to lose by looking in the mirror and saying “I am lucky to have a job.” What would it cost that person to hum or whistle a tune at work and put a kick in his/her step? If it is true that positive thought turns into positive deeds and a return on your investment, why not apply it to real estate?
Here are some facts to consider the next time a negative thought about real estate rears its ugly head in front of you.
1. Every single property sells at the right price without fail and every time.
2. The number one reason a property does not sell within a reasonable time frame for that particular market is the price. The number two reason is ineffective marketing.
3. Everyone needs a place to live and properties get sold and purchased in every market.
4. If you must sell at a lower price in this market, you will also be purchasing at a lower price in this market.
5. If you experienced difficulty during this cycle of real estate, know that cycles are ever changing and this is a perfect time to believe that the difficulty will not last.

Recognize negativity and those who would suck the joy out of your life as environmental toxic hazards to be avoided at all costs. Know that for sixty-nine days the fate of thirty-three miners had been in the hands of believers who never say die and with whose powerful collective positive thoughts and deeds gave the world an early Thanksgiving Gift.

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